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Irene Archer

Archer Graphics
Irene Archer
1108 South B St.
Fairfield, IA 52556


Book Cover Design and book interior design have been my specialty for over 15 years. I love the process of designing book covers and interiors, so much so that most covers and interiors seem to design themselves. I enjoy designing books on all topics.

Many book cover design companies are individual freelance designers as I am. Some freelancers may try to give the impression of being a larger company with employees even when they are just one person. I prefer to be straightforward and let you know that I am a one-woman operation (with my technical support husband when needed!). There are many advantages to dealing with one person as opposed to a larger book design company. You will receive quicker responses, fewer communication mix-ups and bureaucracy, more attention to detail, more opportunity for your input, and overall higher quality!

I am easy to reach. Please call: 641-472-9336 with any questions you may have or to get a clearer idea of pricing and scheduling for your particular project. I look forward to hearing from you and creating a beautiful book cover and/or interior for you.

Irene Archer

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